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Navega en Fastweb sin emitir CO2 ¡Sí, es posible! 🌿💻📱

¡Navega en Fastweb sin emitir CO2! 🌿💻📱

Fastweb, committed to achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2025, has announced two new initiatives that strengthen its «green» profile: in addition to donating 1 million euros for the protection of the planet, starting today all Fastweb’s fixed and mobile Internet connections will be zero emissions of CO2.

The two initiatives translate into concrete actions the fight against climate change pursued by Fastweb since 2015 with the purchase of 100% of electricity from renewable sources and the implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the zero emissions CO2 connections, all Fastweb customers will be able to contribute to environmental protection. In addition to reducing its own emissions and being powered 100% by renewable energy, Fastweb has also decided to engage in offset projects to immediately bring a concrete and tangible contribution to the fight against climate change.

Since 2021, Fastweb has offset all its remaining direct emissions and indirect emissions related to the provision of services to customers (operations), with afforestation projects capable of absorbing CO2 and with investments in renewable energies that avoid producing it. From today, Fastweb takes a further step forward by also offsetting the emissions generated by the use of services by customers, produced in the production, transport, use, and disposal of their products.

For the protection of the planet, Fastweb will also donate one million euros. The first projects to receive the company’s support will be Mosaico Verde – the afforestation campaign promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente – which Fastweb has been a part of since last year, and SEATY, the initiative for the protection of the seas created in collaboration with Worldrise Onlus. Throughout the year, Fastweb will also support other environmental initiatives.

After planting 3,000 trees in Milan, Rome, and Bari in 2021, Fastweb will complete the planting of another 6,000 trees within the next year and will extend its commitment to creating green areas to Turin, Genoa, Pescara, Naples, Catania, Cagliari, and other Italian cities.

Together with Worldrise, Fastweb promotes a culture in support of marine biodiversity through the creation of local marine conservation areas along stretches of the Italian coastline. Over 400 people, including adults and children, have already participated in awareness activities carried out within the first marine conservation area in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, participating in coastal monitoring and marine conservation projects, as well as beach and seabed cleaning activities. As part of SEATY, Fastweb and Worldrise will create a second marine conservation area on the island of Salina.

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